New Packaging Technology and Design

Problem solving and innovation is supported by extensive knowledge of the food industry world wide. DC Ives International has a wide spread intelligence network and won the coverted World Star Packaging Award at the Tokyo Congress.

A selection of completed projects

Kilhorne Bay
New product packaging
Meat products and corporate branding
Holden-Du-Cross Ltd
Packaging technology smoked fish products
Better Tasting Products Ltd
Dairy product packaging
Country Cottage Salads
Salad packaging design
Cream Cheese
Extended shelf-life packaging
Bowes & Son Ltd
Meat packaging
Lark Valley Foods
Bacon packaging
Norfolk Fine Herbs
Dried product packaging
Chris Edwards Meats
Product branding
New Zealand Meat Board
Packaging technology
Long-life packaging
Denny Holdings Ltd
Primal packaging
Euro Scot Meat Ltd
Consumer packaging design
Master Foods
Fish packaging technology
Evron Foods
Bakery products
Donnegal Fish
Smoked fish products
Park N Shop. Hong Kong
Stock designation
Tastes of Anglia
S.M.E. Strategy. Enhanced food packaging