Market Strategies

DC Ives International has achieved major success in recognising new and updated product opportunities for both emerging and established companies. Its marketing flair, allied to technical skill, focuses on innovation in the factory to realise the potential in the market place. Markets are researched and product opportunities defined.

Lead consultant for the food industry. Institute of Marketing.

A selection of completed projects

Morton Tradition
Organic poultry
Market evaluation
Capper and Company
Spar market strategy
Express Dairies
Market appraisal
Hayden Engineering
Food industry strategy
Donegal Fish
New market products
Aspall Cider
Market strategy
I.F.I - Con Fo Tec
Market research
Wotton Produce
Market strategy
Branfield Meats
Market strategy
Evron Foods N.I
Market development
Food research strategy
World Bank
Turkey Meat & Fish Industry strategy
World Bank
Yugoslavian Food Industry strategy
Packaging market research
Market strategy. Japan
Taste's of Anglia Food Association
Market strategy for members under MAFF 5b scheme
H&S Fisheries
Market development

Hong Kong
Food processing
Ulster University
Food nutrition